Translation memory management

Everything that has been written or translated once should not need to be written or translated again.

For our customers, we build translation memories that make it possible to achieve significant improvements in quality, in company-specific terminological consistency and cost savings when dealing with large volumes of translation, and in particular in respect of technical documentation. However, the key to these benefits lies in having a clearly structured opening position allied to a very clearly specified set of targets. For example, through a process known as ‘controlled source language’ (this involves defining editorial rules), the first step can be taken towards effective use of the process known as Translation Memory Management.

With the help of target-based and results-oriented Translation Memory Management (TMM), our customers can benefit from ‘translation recycling’ of their company-specific technical documentation. Experiential values point, in the case of an operating manual, to a 30% level of repetition between one edition and its successor. Through the reuse of existing translations, the consistency of company-specific specialist terminology (‘terminology management’) can be assured.

SemioticTransfer works with the latest CAT tools (Computer-Aided-Translation tools). Come and share the benefits of our competitive edge, delivered by technology-based translation solutions.

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As an Across Service Provider we use Across as a focal point for our work, offering services for the introduction of Across and for data migration.

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