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Professional translation management revolves largely around placing translations with specialist and technical translators for the target languages identified by clients. These are commonly needed for technical documentation, product catalogues, websites, business and annual reports.

20 years of guaranteed quality: “Made in Switzerland”.

SemioticTransfer AG is the first language services company in Switzerland to provide TUV-certified language services in accordance with ISO 17100.

Our management processes are audited every year, optimising the quality of our translation services, advertising texts, specialised technical proofreading and our marketing and software localisation.

Our project managers are all university graduates with in-house training in delivering on targets and outcomes for the most challenging translation projects.

Every one of our project managers can handle all your needs – our ‘Single Point of Contact’. Each can take charge of the planning, processes, monitoring and quality assurance on your behalf. To achieve this level of coordination, all our project managers liaise with our various resources: in-house and freelance translators, specialist and technical translators, revisers, layout experts and network partners. We are guided by one principle: guaranteeing client satisfaction.

We know clients rely on our efficiency. We also know that in these days of automated responses, everyone appreciates being able to deal with real people. We want our clients to have the best of both worlds, so we’ve devised a clear, structured project management system and used our 20 years of experience to bring you efficient services with a human face.

At SemioticTransfer AG, we work with qualified specialist and technical translators who meet our high quality standards. When you entrust a translation into our care, we select the best translators for your field. They usually live in the country of your target language and work solely into this as their native language, conveying your words with the same ring of authenticity as you would.

Our project team reviews the resulting translation against a range of linguistic criteria. Some translations need more than just good grammar; we set the bar higher and look for other elements, too, such as typographical accuracy and a nuanced socio-cultural localisation. These can really make or break your marketing texts.

We give special priority to managing company-specific technical terminology (terminology management). To do this carefully and rigorously, we use a translation memory system (translation memory management) often for quality assurance. This works best when we have clearly defined, specific requirements to steer by, making it ideal for technical translations.

However, the foundation of our quality promise is the focused briefing with you before you order a translation. We give you time to discuss your objectives for each translation. Together we identify the linguistic and semiotic aspects such astarget audience, type of text, language register etc. of your source text, and the linguistic target parameters for producing a professional translation. This is the only real way for us to ensure that SemioticTransfer AG allocates resources to suit your needs and that your meaning is accurately understood and conveyed in translation.

Our guiding principle in quality assurance is ‘Together we succeed!’. Being able to work with you as a responsible partner is integral to our quality assurance process.

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Eight reasons why SemioticTransfer is the right choice for your needs:

Mother tongue specialist and technical translators
The mother tongue principle

Every translation is checked by a reviser
Peer review principle

Experienced translation managers check your order
Two-tier peer review principle

Construction of terminology glossaries
Corporate wording

Construction of translation memories
Recycling principle

Layout-editing in the foreign languages
Multilingual layouting

TÜV-certified translation services
ISO 17100
TÜV SÜD tested customer satisfaction
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