Preparing Your Website for Translation – 4 Key Considerations

Chances are that if you haven’t yet looked into website translation services, you will over the coming years. Right now, a high-quality Russian translation or Italian translation packages can be all that stands between a business and quite enormous overseas expansion.

Automated browser-based translation tools are one thing, but for those looking to make the very best of globalisation, professional site translations really are the only way to go.

Preparing Your Website for Translation – 4 Key Considerations

So assuming you’ve made the decision to have your website translation to attract overseas customers, what kinds of considerations can help ensure a smooth and successful transition?

  1. Simplification

First of all, anything that can be done to simplify the site’s content should be considered. Not to such a point that its value and appeal are diluted, but more to ensure a seamless and uncomplicated translation. This applies particularly to where technical language is used, or any kind of slang/colloquial language that may be entirely lost in translation.

  1. Localisation

Speaking of which, anything that can be done to make the content appeal more to the target audience is something that also should be considered. Rather than simply converting the site’s written content verbatim, it’s far more effective to have the base content modified in such a manner as to appeal to the target recipient. This means working with a translation service with a strong grasp of the local culture, as well as the language itself.

  1. International SEO

Also important to remember is that way in which powerful and effective SEO for your home market may have no power or effect whatsoever abroad. Success overseas means considering SEO from a local perspective and finding out how to gain maximum exposure to build and maintain site traffic.

  1. Slogans and Taglines

Last but not least, it’s probable that most (if not all) of your slogans and taglines will be need to be changed. Most marketing materials rely on hidden meaning, context and localised nuances to get their intended message across – all of which may mean nothing at all in your intended target market. As such, it’s important to carefully consider all such marketing texts and materials from top to bottom, in order to make the necessary edits/replacements.

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