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Foreign Translation of Consumer Purchase Contracts

Consumer purchase contracts can become some of the most complex documents, especially when the level of business relationship between the two parties is extensive.

Chinese Medical Translation

Aside from getting the relevant documents cleared by the Chinese government, several medical translations are required to get everything squared away. A Chinese translation is not easy in the best of circumstances,[...]

Medical Documents Translation

These days, suffering from a chronic medical condition or rare illness doesn’t mean being unable to travel. Sure, your insurance premiums may be a bit on the high side, but illness doesn’t have to

Lost in Translation: Numbers

Financial translation is one of the most important tasks you’ll undertake as a business professional. If you do any kind of international business, you’ll have to translate documents that deal with[...]

Localisation and Transcreation Issues in the Travel Industry

While globalisation of eCommerce is increasing in general, the travel industry is already in a position where customers are making purchases across the world as they look to book business or personal travel[...]

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