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Keep your business moving forward with translations for the automotive industry

What are the key needs and trends in the automotive industry in 2024? And what does this mean for translations specifically tailored for this industry? This article gives you the most important insights.[...]

Certified translations – everything you need to know!

When submitting translated documents, have you come across the term ‘certified translation’ but are unsure about exactly what it means? Don’t worry! You can find out below why you are being asked[...]

The best marketing translation in Switzerland

Do you wish your company could be successful throughout Switzerland, but have so far only been able to make a breakthrough in one language region? There are two possible reasons for this: either you’re[...]

Multilingual marketing content – getting started internationally

In an increasingly digital world, it is becoming more and more important for companies to be present on the international stage and to communicate with their clientèle via multiple channels. A multilingual[...]

SemioticTransfer – your translation agency for online marketing

Companies that want to stay competitive advertise their products and services online. Ultimately, internet use has risen across the globe since 2017. Think about it – these web users include your potential[...]

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