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Should You Be Translating Your Business Letter and Emails?

So you’ve added a number of overseas contacts to your mailing lists and you’re aware they could be of value to you. Which may mean that after scripting a winning business email or letter, an important[...]

SemioticTransfer AG is now also in South East Asia!

The Swiss translation company SemioticTransfer AG, located in Baden, branched out into Asia at the start of this year with the opening of SemioticTransfer-Asia in Bangkok. SemioticTransfer AG is a member[...]

Is Professional Website Translation The Key To International Success?

Transcreation. It’s a complicated word but such a simple concept. It’s how you tailor your website for your audience. It’s how you rise above the masses and conquer the market. It’s professional[...]

Lost in Translation Chinese-English

As China continues to grow and develop, it attracts an increasing amount of international business. Expansion and development make Chinese-English translation incredibly important. However, the translation[...]

Common American-Chinese Translation Issues

The direct translation between the two languages does not always represent the true meaning of what is being said. However, these issues can take on a whole new meaning when legal documents are involv

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