E-Commerce Website Translation – Welcoming the World

One of the biggest advantages of running an e-commerce venture is how expanding globally can be as simple as translating the website in full. Invest in a Russian website translation or a comprehensive Indian translation service and your brand, your products and your message suddenly extend to millions of new prospects.

E-Commerce Website Translation – Welcoming the World

Nevertheless, research suggests that not only are most web businesses still behind the curve, but that consumers are in general tiring of poor/absent site translations. Customer expectations may be growing wildly all the time, but meeting and exceeding them with quality website translations doesn’t have to be difficult.

A Widespread Issue

Recent polls have made it clear that as far as business owners are concerned, website translation is not a priority. In fact, only around 20% said that any time, effort or capital whatsoever had been invested in translation ventures.

This is a difficult finding to digest, when studies have also highlighted that fact that well over 60% of consumers admit they’re less likely to shop with an online brand that doesn’t offer content in their own language. In addition, approximately 50% state that they’ll happily use browser-based real-time translation tools, despite knowing of their inaccuracies and the way in which they can cripple the site’s user-experience.

It’s therefore unsurprising that in a vast chunk of cases, no native language support means no second chances – they leave, they never return.

Home and Away

So the figures are pretty conclusive and all the more relevant when considering the diverse linguistic landscape at home, let alone that of an overseas target market. The long and short of it being that if you yourself don’t translate your web copy, your visitors will a) try to do it themselves rather poorly or b) head straight for a more accommodating brand.

E-commerce website translation can be an incredibly lucrative and affordable long-term business investment. For more information, give the Semiotic Transfer team a call today.

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