Multilingual Websites – Everything You Need to Know about SEO and Transcreation

Your international marketing campaign is only as valuable as your best keyword.

Transcreation SEO Keywords

Most business owners or companies will know that the key to success online is search engine optimisation (SEO). If you are able to identify the right keywords and optimise your website for them correctly, you are going to be going a long way to ranking well for them.

Everything You Need to Know about SEO and Transcreation

Sure, there are many other aspects to SEO such as authoritative backlinks and social signals that will help you to rank but neither will be as effective as selecting the right keywords and having them used correctly in your onsite content.

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What if You Need to Rank in Other Countries?

This is where the complicated world of SEO gets even more complicated. If you want to spread your wings and gain an audience in foreign countries, you are now going to have to start ranking well in their respective search engines as well. Visit our blog.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be as simple as having somebody translate your keywords into the chosen language of that country and using them. The keywords you are ranking for in your home country will have been researched to see how competitive they are and whether you had a good chance of ranking for them against the current competition.

Firstly, a simple translation of words does not always carry over the same meaning in two different languages. You will need transcreation services to first establish whether the keywords are indeed the correct interpretation for use as your keywords abroad.

Secondly, you have not had an SEO specialist research and verify that the new keywords even offer you a good chance of ranking in your new country. You will now need an SEO expert to perform this verification service for you.

Transcreation + SEO with Semiotic Transfer AG

At SemioticTransfer AG we combine both services into one so that you can ensure that your keywords carry the correct meaning and that they are suitable to be targeted for ranking. Get in touch with us today to learn more at or by phone on +41 56 470 40 40.

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