Expert Translation of Legal Jargon

How good is your understanding of legal terms? If you ask any professional translator (Expert Translation), they will tell you that converting legal documents from one language to another is the most challenging aspect of their job.

Expert Translation of Legal Jargon

It is one thing to translate a basic statement or a letter, but it is an entirely different matter to translate a document that is full of legal jargon. These translations are especially problematic for those who may not have the most extensive legal background, as you could easily misunderstand the meaning of a word.

This would result in an incorrect translation into the second language. And such mistranslations can completely alter the meaning of a legal document. Visit our blog.

It is Easy to Confuse Your Customer

For instance, if we are completing a translation from English to Chinese, and we are tasked with translating a legal document about court proceedings, the goal is to properly explain the proceedings and any legal terms in Chinese.

If you began conducting a literal translation of the text, line by line, you would end up with something that is grammatically and structurally correct. However, it would not help your customer at all, as they would not have a proper understanding of the court proceedings, since you probably mistranslated the primary legal terms.

Do You Know the Meaning of Legal Terms?

There are so many terms that have specific meanings in a legal context, such as tort, title, malfeasance, diligence, cause of action and more. If you translated some of these words as per their regular definitions, you would end up with an unusual and confusing Chinese legal document.

How We Can Help

We at SemioticTransfer understand the nuances involved with translating legal documents from one language to another. We understand the need to place an emphasis on equivalence – not only structure and grammar. Our experienced professionals ensure the meaning behind the words are transferred over, not only the words.

Our translators fully understand both language and legal expertise. Let us help you to ensure your documents are transferred with all meaning and intent, and not just a verbatim translation.

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