Transcreation: Creating Content That Engages

When a company is requesting the translation of content into another language, it is very important for them to stop and think about the reason for translating that content (Transcreation). If they need it for a business deal or some legal purpose, a technical or legal translation will do the trick.

Transcreation: Creating Content That Engages

Creating Content That Engages [Transcreation]

How to Ensure Maximum Customer Appeal.

However, when they are attempting to translate content from their website, or from their marketing campaigns, a straightforward translation is not going to hit the right notes.

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So many companies are still not aware of transcreation and what it means. Transcreation is the process of translating content by recreating it, instead of merely regurgitating it word-by-word into another language. When you are transcreating, you are reproducing the same content in another language to get the same response from a new market that you got from the first one.

Appealing to New Customers

A transcreation job not only considers both languages, but the customs, culture and local market before finalising the copy. This content must appeal to the new market in the way the original content appeals to the target market in your country. Visit our blog.

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There are so many examples of major companies that attempted to directly translate product names or marketing material instead of opting for transcreation. These companies suffered. Some saw their product names or advertising slogans mocked by the new market because they sounded silly, while others offended the target market because they did not bother to take the local culture into account.

How a Translation Agency Can Help

Professional translators are not only experts at legal and technical translations, but they can also operate effectively as transcreators. When you request the translation of marketing copy, a specialist team ensures the content is not only translated into another language, but is effectively altered and localised to ensure maximum appeal for your target market.

It is a transcreation that you need for this, not a translation. It is a transcreation that is going to help you win over customers in a new country!

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