Planning to market your product or services in foreign markets?

Transcreation will ensure that your marketing strategy is effective and nothing is lost in translation.

Translation works with words – copy, text and similar assets. You can translate a word from one language into another and the meaning of the word does not change. Transcreation, on the other hand, involves more than just text. It involves creative assets such as images, audio, film, speech, ideas and concepts. It’s becoming an important buzzword in global marketing and takes the adage “Think Global, Act Local” onestep further.

Planning to market your product or services in foreign markets?

Transcreation ensures that the source text as well as the structure and all the content (in whatever form it’s in) are put in a format that the target audience understands and more importantly, identifies with.

It is not an overnight process

Transcreation involves research, the creation of in-depth briefs and involvement of many groups working together. For example, instead of a translator, the process may need the expertise of an in-country linguist and cultural expert who can comment on whether local mores or current affairs will have an impact on your planned marketing campaign.

So the transcreation process is managed more as a project than a straightforward translation of copy. Therefore, the process may be costly and time-consuming and this has an impact on budgets and resources.

How a Translation Agency Can Help

Do you need help assessing whether your projects require translation or transcreation? A specialist translation agency can help review your creative assets and advise the best route to take. Whether text, presentations or multimedia, they have the marketing and linguistic expertise to help you from the outset.

Planning to market: What can we do for you?

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