Translations for education and schools

Be it schools, universities, or private educational institutions:
our translations for education and schools are persuasive worldwide and in every subject area.

The education sector is booming and has been for some time. Digitisation, globalisation, and lifelong learning have strengthened this boom. Stay on the ball and be persuasive with our translations for education and schools. Worldwide, in more than 40 languages, and in every subject area.

Knowledge is power, even in the information age

Those who can acquire in-depth knowledge quickly are at an advantage, but, in the fast-paced information age, knowledge still means power. Language paves the way to knowledge, as something can be lost when the technical translation isn’t correct. Our translations for education and schools ensure that pupils and students can better acquire even complex subject matter. This requires native-language translations, regardless of whether it’s for a school, university, or a private educational institution. Even for in-house training, technical translations that promote learning are relevant for educational success.

Imparting knowledge and skills worldwide

We help you make knowledge and skills readily accessible in the language of your pupils and students. Additionally, we translate and proofread learning and teaching materials, presentations, and training documents.

We’ll immediately provide you with a suitable translation professional for your translation project: someone with native-level language skills as well as academic expertise and know-how in the subject area you need. And, of course, with relevant experience in the area of academic texts, theses, dissertations, and doctoral theses.

Our translations for education and schools

We translate these educational documents and texts:

  • Studies
  • Lectures
  • Scientific publications
  • Presentations
  • Theses/Doctoral theses
  • Scientific papers
  • Learning and teaching materials
  • E-learning platforms
  • Reports
  • Questionnaires