Localisation Vs Translation – The Key Differences

To work with a high-quality translation service provider is to work with a business that specialises in localisation. From Bulgarian website translations to important Russian document translations, localisation can make an incredible difference in the eyes of the reader.

But what exactly is the difference between translation and localisation?

Localisation Vs Translation – The Key Differences

Well, it all comes down to the way in which localisation goes so much further than simply converting any given text verbatim. Quality translation services focus on meaning and context, but localisation goes several additional steps to consider much more about the target locality in question.

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For example, if you commissioned an Arabic website translation service package for an e-commerce business, localisation could mean ensuring that any and all mention of alcohol was removed from the text, along with products containing alcohol. Along with this, the resulting localised text may pay mention to familiar landmarks, make relevant cultural references and generally appeal to the target audience in a way the original text couldn’t possibly.

Localisation is also about considering target audiences not in terms of entire countries, but more by way of specific localities. In most countries, travelling even short distances can result in dramatic changes to the language used by the locals, in terms of slang, colloquialisms and general use of words. When looking to target a specific locality for any kind of business project, taking such things into account can make an enormous difference.

While it’s not to say that translation alone will not get the message across, it will rarely have the same kind of impact as localisation. When you read a text that was clearly written with you in mind, it carries so much more weight than a highly-generalised text for the wider masses.

So when the time comes to source translation services for your business, it’s worth bearing in mind the value and benefits of localisation.

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