Three Translation Mistakes That Could Prove Costly For Your Business

For so many more businesses, translations represent an inevitable element of day to day operations. From business card translations to Russian website translations and endless other examples besides, globalisation has made translation a must for millions of businesses.

But while professional business translations will always constitute an operational expense, many firms continue to make things costlier than they need to be.

Three Translation Mistakes That Could Prove Costly For Your Business - request a free quote translation

Three Translation Mistakes That Could Prove Costly For Your Business

How exactly? In the majority of instances, by making one or more of the following mistakes:

1 – Insufficient Planning

First of all, failing to properly plan and organise things when the project begins can be an extremely costly mistake. Proper planning means carefully checking and, if possible, simplifying the source document, ensuring no key details have been left out, establishing all important requirements and so on. While insufficient planning may not constitute an immediate expense, chances are it will see you out of pocket long-term.

2 – Unrealistic Deadlines

When you assign unrealistic deadlines for any given translation project, you open yourself up to two risks. The first of these being the considerably higher fees you can expect to pay, which are standard when translation agencies carry out urgent jobs. Secondly, you run the risk when working with less-than-flawless translation companies of the project being rushed, which may lead to sub-standard results being produced. Try to keep deadlines realistic and avoid rushing to get things done at the last minute.

3 – Low-Grade Translation Services

Last of the three, low-cost translation services may be attractive in the immediate moment, but will most likely cost you big time in the long run. Best case scenario, you have to once again pay to have the translation done properly. Worst case scenario, you use the substandard translated text and put both the reputation and success of your business at risk.

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