Legal translations

Looking for a translation agency for legal texts?
SemioticTransfer provides reliable technical translations of legal documents.

Legal translations are professional technical translations of legal texts. As a translation agency, we rely on both linguistic and legal expertise.

Legal translations require legal professionals

Complex multi-clause sentences, differing legal terminology, and diverse legal systems: legal translations require specialised, contextual and linguistic precision so that no misinterpretations arise. Depending on the target language, legal field, and specialist terminology, inaccurately translated legal texts can have several disadvantages for your business: damaged credibility, decreasing loyalty, or even legal repercussions which then cost considerably more than a legal translation. Therefore, rely on our legal professionals for legal translations.

Machine legal translations vs. legal translations from a translation agency

Machine translation technology has certainly improved in recent years. But, what about legal translations produced by machine? Do we still need a translation agency for legal translations? Yes, it’s still needed, because machine legal translations reveal difficulties particularly with multi-clause sentences and double negatives. Sometimes, there are also differing applications for technical terms or those that can’t be literally translated, as the legal concept behind it is different. Data security can also be an issue, as machine translation platforms intermittently save the specialist text to be translated on their own servers. This is especially tricky with confidential legal documents or sensitive data which cybercriminals can profit from.

We offer these legal translations:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Contractual texts
  • Letters of intent/Confidentiality agreements
  • Lawyers’ correspondence
  • Court judgements
  • Legislative texts
  • Legal opinions
  • Statutes

Whether legal translations or proofreading of legal translations: our professionals have experience of complex legalese. Each of our linguists possesses a legal background in various specialist fields, such as, for example, in commercial, construction, or antitrust law, and is familiar with the legal system of the respective country.