Translations for marketing and advertising

Good advertising is persuasive, memorable, and elicits a positive response.
So are good advertising and marketing translations.

Advertising agencies spend a long time fine-tuning a good slogan or advertising text. After all, advertising text should illicit emotions in target audiences and stimulate them to purchase a product or service. So, why cut corners on translations in marketing and advertising?

Good advertising and marketing translations increase sales

Advertising text aims at conveying an advertising message both clearly and directly. So that an advertising message is received in the target language, a translation of the text needs to work on several levels:

  1. Meaningful translation: literally translated marketing texts rarely capture the deeper meaning of a marketing message and have less impact as a result. So, for professional marketing and advertising translations, a good command of the language, as well as knowledge of local linguistic and cultural practices, is required. SemioticTransfer relies on native-speaking professionals with experience in the advertising and marketing sectors. Only those who think and feel like the target audience in a specific linguistic region are able to competently translate an advertising text.
  2. Text type, advertising medium, and language: suitably translating advertising and marketing texts for a target audience requires not only translation skills, but also corporate writing and content production skills: this means that our translators understand the various types of advertising texts; be it a slogan, an advertorial, or subtitles for a YouTube video. They’re also used to translating for various advertising media: short poster tag lines, informative public reports, or search engine-optimised websites. This is especially important when an advertising medium only has limited space for an advertising message, such as a flyer or poster. For example, German advertising texts that need to be translated into French have to be shortened, as the French is much longer in a 1:1 translation. Our translation professionals can take care of this as well.
  3. Creative marketing translations with a passion for language: in addition to expertise, a passion for language is also important in creative marketing translations. Our linguists love playing around with language in order to appeal to your target audience. This in turns lends a unique touch to your marketing and advertising translations.

It’s therefore worthwhile investing in good translations of marketing and advertising texts.

The solution: Transcreation

If you want to excite your target audiences internationally, you need more than an advertising and marketing translation. The solution is transcreation. It’s a mixture of translation and creation and means a meaningful adaptation of advertising texts. Our professionals interpret your marketing and advertising texts, adapt the context to the cultural context of the respective target language, and create a precise translation from it.