CAT tools (translation software)

CAT stands for computer aided translation and is a type of translation software
which improves the quality and efficiency of professional translations.

Digitisation increases the need for content and translations – and fast. To efficiently deliver high-quality translations and localised content, SemioticTransfer uses the CAT tools Across and Trados Studio. This is CAT software which helps us efficiently complete our translation orders and deliver them to you at the highest quality. Thanks to translation memory, you’ll save on translation costs with subsequent orders, as we can simply adopt previously translated sections of text.


  • Smart tools: CAT tools increase efficiency and productivity by automating routine translation tasks and speeding up the translation process.
  • Consistency: CAT tools ensure that terminology and style are applied consistently across multiple translation projects.
  • Cost savings: by reusing translations and increasing productivity, the use of CAT tools reduces translation costs for you.