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Get Certified Translations of your documents and credentials in any European or Asian language for official purposes and correspondences with government bodies.

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What Is A Certified Translation?

Sometimes, having your document translated is not enough. That is because many organizations require that documents be legally certified before they are submitted. In addition to providing excellent translation services, SemioticTransfer AG will undertake the full cycle of work for the certification of translated documents. A Certified Translation is a precise translation of a document or credential which has been authenticated principally by a Notary Public. Certified Translations are required by the authorities in many countries, and the certification required may vary based on the intended purpose and the country. For these reasons, only a reputable translation agency like SemioticTransfer AG should be entrusted with the responsibility of producing Certified Translations.

We offer officially certified translations in 40 languages for all type of documents, such as:

  • Birth certificates, birth records and birth registers
  • Marriage certificates, divorce contracts and divorce contentions
  • Citizenship papers, immigration and emigration documents, passports, visas and ID cards
  • Degree certificates, school certificates, curriculum vitae, employment certificates
  • Contracts (e.g. employment contracts, purchase contracts and credit agreements)
  • Patents and related documents

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Translations authenticated with an apostille

It may be necessary to further authenticate a document certified by a notary public with an Apostille. An Apostille is an official stamp issued by a competent authority for official use in dealings with government bodies and public offices in countries that are co-signatories to The Hague Convention on Certificates. Switzerland is signatory to The Hague Convention and an Apostille is usually issued by the cantonal state chancellery.

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Translations certified with declaration under oath

Court cases often require a Certified Translation to be accompanied by a declaration under oath. This declaration must be certified separately from and in addition to the written translation, and the oath taken verbally before a notary public or a lawyer in the company of parties to the contract.

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Why SemioticTransfer AG?

SwissMadeTranslation® by SemioticTransfer AG: Swiss Quality Guarantee you can trust. SemioticTransfer AG is the ISO-certified Swiss Translation Agency for recognised certified translations in 40 languages. SemioticTransfer AG is certified according to the quality standard ISO 17100. Semiotic Transfer AG is a Swiss Translation Agency with over 20 years experience in providing Certified and Notarized Translations to clients in Europe and Asia. We maintain contact with national consulates, embassies and chambers within and beyond Switzerland. As a result, we can fast-track the certification of your translated documents.

Officially certified customer satisfaction

95% of clients recommend SemioticTransfer AG further. As per the results of the 2015 TUV certified customer survey.

Excellent customer satisfaction in 2017. A total of 5.4 out of 6 points on the satisfaction index. Research results of the Swiss Certification Centre Gradimento.


Give legal effect to your personal and business documents

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